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Staff Members at Basin Fertilizer are fully trained, licensed, and certified in their specific areas of expertise to give you profesional advise on all your agronomic questions.
The following services are available:
Pest Identification and Control
Field Scouting
Soil, Tissue, Nematode, and Water Sampling
Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Organic Product Recommendations
Moisture Monitoring
Grid Sampling
GPS and Site Specific Mapping
Dry Air Flow Applicators - 3 and 4 Wheel - Multi Bin with Variable Rate Technology
GPS Guided Precision Application Field Sprayers - 60', 90', and 120' booms
Fan, Row Crop, and Pull Spreaders
Four Wheel ATV sprayer for specialty applications
Custom Tractor Applications
GPS Rows and Bedding
Telone and Vapam application
Rental Equipment
Mobility Spreaders
Set On Boxes
Pull Sprayers
Calibration information for backpack, ATV, hand-held, and boom sprayers